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  • Why kintone?

    All-in-One Business
    Cloud Services

    Choose from dozens of free business cloud applications
    from CRM to Project Management with no coding.

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  • Why kintone?

    Sharing and Collecting Data
    Made Easy

    Convert existing Excel spreadsheets into online apps to
    automate charts and graphs and collaborate seamlessly.

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  • Why kintone?

    Joint Venture Collaboration
    That Works Better

    Manage your joint venture projects easily without
    all the confusing back-and-forth emails.

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  • Why kintone?

    Share Large Files Without Risk

    Import and share files without the limitations
    of email or external systems.

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  • Why kintone?

    The Easiest Enterprise
    Tool on the Market

    Enable your business divisions to build local workspaces and
    business apps with drag-and-drop to address local needs.

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  • Why kintone?

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Small business? Large enterprise? kintone provides
    top-down, social, public and private communication
    platforms for both.

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  • Why kintone?

    Machine to Machine to Human

    kintone is an easy tool that enables M2M2H scenarios,
    and allows you to share real-time data
    with the people who matter.

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"We found a company that thought very much like we did, that catered for a global audience with a product tailored for how a new generation of small businesses want to do business today."

- Mikkel Svane, CEO & Founder, Zendesk



  • "kintone is an all-in-one service. You can have to-do lists, you can also have communication software internally and externally. You can have a documentation manager that everyone can look at and sales lead information that everyone can see."

    Call Center Coordinator,
    Marketing Industry

    "kintone is a cloud-based collaboration solution where we do everything from project management to process and flow all in one place."

    Sales Manager,
    Apparel Industry

    "kintone is just a beautiful repository for everything that's going on in those different projects, and it's visible to who you want it to be. I love that it's both internal and external collaboration. It's really, really sharp."

    Client Support Manager,
    HR Outsourcing Provider

  • "I like you can create an app with the click of a button. I've never seen an application that allowed you to create an app that was specific to that you actually use on a daily basis...So, that was a really, really big plus, and the fact that that the app is shareable and accessible by guests and internal team members...That was surprising."

    Account Manager,

    "kintone lets you build things that are going to help you get the job done."

    HR Manager,
    Leading Mission-Critical Networking Vendor

    "It's a robust platform that incorporates a lot of aspects of running a business today. The fact that kintone merged a platform with an app store, where you can just add apps to tailor the product to your own needs is huge. Makes a technology that the internal company can tailor without having outside help."

    Project Manager, Professional Services and Manufacturing Global Leader

  • "New, cool tool, kintone, that would allow us to share spaces for collaboration purposes. We can customize those spaces as we see fit. We can both work on them, and we can get more stuff done, faster."

    Regional Manager,
    Manufacturing Industry

    "kintone is a collaboration tool that is cloud-based, and it helps you manage process flows, manage communications, both with colleagues and with people externally. It's flexible - allows you to create your own web-based applications for those goals."

    Customer Support Engineer,
    Technology Industry

    "Literally, you can start and finish a project within an kintone app. And then the cool thing is, obviously, it's more than just internal. It's external, so you can invite guests. That's kind of a neat feature."

    Sales Manager,
    Real Estate Industry